What We Offer

What We Offer

We focus on companies in Bio-industry that includes Agriculture Biotechnology, Health Biotechnology and Industrial Biotechnology; Green Technology; and Emerging Technology, from commercialization to business growth stage.

A-BIO provides direct investment through equity instruments in the form of equity capital and loan stock (preference shares) in the selected invested companies. Clear criteria is applied, while stringent screening will be done in the selection process to ensure only legitimate, qualified companies with clear business growth plan are chosen as our exclusive potential investee company.

We encourage companies with dynamism, far-sightedness and aspiration to be part of the global supply chain. Our hope is to support companies towards business expansion into regional and international markets.

Target & Criteria

A-BIO invest in companies that meets the following criteria during initial screening:

  • Majority-owned Bumiputera company, not less than 51% shareholding. Partnership is encouraged.
  • Invest only in the focus areas as stated.
  • Company in business growth stage with at least 1 year profitability track record and committed projects/ off-takers for immediate business growth.
  • Company in late stage commercialization with committed off-takers / projects (application close)

A-BIO search for investment opportunities with sound management, a favorable external environment, and a proprietary technology or operating model.

  • Management

    We evaluate each team in terms of their;- Entrepreneurial Capabilities, Managerial Capabilities and Personal Character

  • Market

    A market that offers major growth opportunity, but which may be initially too small to attract significant competition from large…

  • Proprietary Position

    Companies that compete in technology intensive industries are best positioned when on-going research and development capability has produced market ready,…

Our Key Principles

  •  A-BIO’s primary objective will be to support and nurture the growth of Bumiputera companies in high value added industries that can generate returns for the shareholders of the investee companies.
  • A-BIO will focus as a priority on nurturing high growth companies that will generate high impact.
  • For synergy, A-BIO will leverage the resources of its key stakeholder, MIGHT/MTN, stakeholders and its Industry Partners /Investors to promote industry development initiatives and the ongoing adoption of global best practices for business and investments.
  • A-BIO will seek to retain an in-house high-potential management and associates to effectively manage the funds, monitor the investment strategy and deliver returns.
  • A-BIO will play a proactive nurturing role as an anchor partner /investor in the investee company, but will not seek to represent a majority of the ordinary share capital commitments, or provide active management oversight of the company. The private shareholder/investor/entrepreneur must be fully responsible to drive the company to achieve its business plan and KPIs.
  • A-BIO will invest selectively and opportunistically in direct co-investments as syndicated approach alongside leading investors/fund managers in high-potential companies.
  • In view of the type of A-BIO’s direct investment through equity capital and preference shares, A-BIO will subject the investee companies to regular compliance procedures as part of risk management and good governance practices.